How to Play RealPlayer
The film you have selected is being shown via the RealPlayer streaming video format. In order to view this film, you must have the RealPlayer plug-in program installed on your operating system. If you do not have this plug-in program already installed, you may use the link below to download it free of charge from the RealPlayer web site.
   To download the plug-in you need to simply click on the link provided below then follow the instructions. You will then need to exit the Realplayer web site and return to The Bit Screen in order to continue your screening.
   Windows users should download the most recent iteration of the plug-in, RealPlayer G2. Unfortunately, G2 is currently available only in a beta version for Mac users. For best playback results, Mac users are advised to download the beta version of G2.
   Don't forget, you must return to the Video Listings page and click on a button in order to start to begin viewing the film after downloading your RealPlayer plug-in.

Click Here to download realplayer