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Section Six: How We Control You

Well, hey! I've heard enuf! Time to go out and start a six month "Bible" study and worship the organization!


I dunno about you, but anyone who has seen this evidence and still wants to become a Jehovah's Witness has "Watchtower stars" in their eyes! Good luck mate, see ya in a few years, when the thrill of bein' "God's only people" wears off and you realize you wasted several years of your life peddlin' magazines door-to-door! I warned ya, hope you like CROW. Oh, yeah, one more thing I didn't warn ya about. People DIE for this religion. Thirty-five years ago these boys up in Brooklyn decided to kick out anyone who had a blood transfusion, saying it was the same as eatin' blood, and the Bible tells us not to eat blood. Now I got no problem with eatin' blood, Bible or not, `cause it don't appeal to me either way. But I ain't seen NOWHERE in the Bible about it bein' WRONG to save someone's LIFE by giving them a blood transfusion! Sure, life is sacred to God, and I can see where Moses showed respect for that by givin' the blood back to God when the LIFE of an animal was forfeited. But to save someone's life by giving blood (or gettin' it) is RESPECT for life, and ain't no one havin' to DIE to do it! In my book, that's showin' respect for life and God.
Lemme tell you a secret. These dudes up there in their watchin' towers are in big trouble. THOUSANDS of their followers have died in emergency situations where only a blood transfusion would have saved them, `specially women and children. They're SCARED. In the last few years, they've done made some amends, sayin', "Well, you can separate parts of the blood and take this an' that, but not the whole thing at once." (Like, what's the difference, dudes?!?) But they did it SNEAKY-like, not puttin' their amends in print for all to see. You gotta be a Witness dyin' on the vine makin' a phone call to Bethel before they'll tell you God may not kill you if you take blood parts one at a time. They know if they change THIS doctrine, they're gonna get some REAL hate mail from families who lost their loved ones over this! But they're gonna change it. REAL soon. In the meantime, I gotta go, but thought U might like to read a couple of stories about it, before it becomes OLD LIGHT.

Think I had to wake up the cat to find all this stuff? You ain't seen the HALF of it yet! Send me a postcard an' I'll tell you `bout more stuff than you can shake a stick at!
...and God bless you!

Randy Watters

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