Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses
by Randall Watters

This is the outline of the book, Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses by Randall Watters. The first edition was printed in 1982, not long after Randy left Bethel--the Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. The third and much more extensive version was printed in 2004 with updates on the United Nations scandal. To read Randy's background, click here. For the extensive chronicles of his misadventures at Bethel and those of others such as Raymond Franz, go to the Bethel Chronicles.

Third edition, 243 pages letter-size and coil bound, copyright revised 2004 by Common Sense Publications, a division of Free Minds, Inc., Box 3818, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. To read the book click here.

table of contents
 Review of the Watchtower Presidential Eras

 section 1: Principles We Believe In

 section 2: Why Believe Us?

 section 3: Dates We've Set

 section 4: How We Make Money (printed version only)

 section 5: People We Quote (printed version only)

 section 6: How We Control You

 section 7: Damage Control and the News Media (includes new section on their involvement with the United Nations) (printed version only)

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