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True Stories
from the Watchtower World

 [These personal stories come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many have become born-again Christians, some have not. Some will in the future, some most likely will not. Our point is not to judge the lives of these ones, but to share the struggle in exiting the Watchtower and getting one's life back together. It is our prayer that all will do that.]  

also see Old-Timers in the JW work now tell their stories

MEDIA site for former Jehovah's Witnesses in the Watchtower

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button.gif (924 bytes) To Whom It May Concern by Roger Sereny  (NEW 10/11/07)
button.gif (924 bytes) My Flight in and out of the Watchtower by Jeff Kline (NEW 3/27/07)
button.gif (924 bytes) Eight Years After - Deleted Looks Back (NEW 12/26/06)
button.gif (924 bytes) Do I Disassociate or Not? (NEW 12/17/06)
button.gif (924 bytes) I just found your site for the first time (NEW 12/20/05)
button.gif (924 bytes) Growing up as a transsexual in the Jehovah's Witness Organization (NEW 12/07/05)
button.gif (924 bytes) "The Dilemma of One Young Witness Growing Up in the Faith (NEW 7/26/05)
button.gif (924 bytes) "Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up Jehovah Witness With Severe Ulcerative Colitis (NEW 5/7/05)
button.gif (924 bytes) My Life in Jehovah's Service (NEW 8/4/04)  also Composed Music by Terry
button.gif (924 bytes) Bethel, the Truth, and Pleasing Your Parents (NEW 6/29/04)
button.gif (924 bytes) Growing up as a gay Jehovah's Witness (Josh in Australia)
button.gif (924 bytes) Felix and the Precious Jewel
button.gif (924 bytes) Cynthia Hampton's testimony (Christian)
button.gif (924 bytes) Stan Covell's Testimony (Christian) 
button.gif (924 bytes) Fear Mom and Give her the Glory  
button.gif (924 bytes) The Blown-Up Witness 
button.gif (924 bytes) From A Cleverly Invented Story to the Greatest True Story Ever Told 
button.gif (924 bytes) The Lone Traveler's Story   
button.gif (924 bytes) A Letter to my ex-Girlfriend's Parents
button.gif (924 bytes) Between love and "me" (elder about raising kids currently)
button.gif (924 bytes) To the Edge of Death and Back
button.gif (924 bytes)
Aaron Newton: Living a New Life
button.gif (924 bytes) A Family Divided but not Conquered
button.gif (924 bytes) Why I Was Never Baptized 
button.gif (924 bytes) The Story of Anthony Walker 
button.gif (924 bytes) A Letter to my JW Wife  (Spanish version here)
button.gif (924 bytes) Ex-Witness discovers musical talents
button.gif (924 bytes)
Christmas Surprise 99 by the Elders
button.gif (924 bytes) Doll Breaks Up Relationship with Witness Girl
button.gif (924 bytes) My Life as a Jehovah's Witness
button.gif (924 bytes) Getting Along as a Blind Person
button.gif (924 bytes) Guide dog refused entrance to Kingdom Hall
button.gif (924 bytes) A Young Woman Finds Happiness
button.gif (924 bytes) A Touching Love Story by Vito and Annette Potenzieri
button.gif (924 bytes) Thirty-Five Years in the Watchtower by Burt Noyes
button.gif (924 bytes) Active mom quits after 48 years of door-to-door!
button.gif (924 bytes) Disassociation Letter after 40 Years of Motherhood
button.gif (924 bytes) A Few Men in Brooklyn 

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Archived Stories
Trevor Roberts: An Ex-Jehovah's Witness exhorts JWs to keep "worldly" friends
Claire and George Weissman (40 Years in the Watchtower)
Gary Busselman's Story (author of Armageddon Okies)
Luckiest Boy In the World
Randy Watters' Story (Bethel experience)

Archived Stories in print for sale
(one of the best gifts you can give to one who is struggling)
Letters to the Editor (Book One-1983 to 1989)
Letters to the Editor (Book Two-1989 up to 1995)
Letters to the Editor (Book Three-1996 to 1999)



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