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For decades, the Watch Tower has been saying…

The real issue has been NEUTRALITY and keeping apart from the politics of the world, which will brand one with the mark of the "wild beast" of Revelation. Being “no part of Satan’s corrupt political system,” they say.

Several recent developments:

As of 1991, apparently the Watchtower’s rules have secretly changed!

The WT filled out an application and joined the United Nations as an NGO. NGOs are required to further the agenda of the United Nations, which the Watchtower has been doing in many recent Awake! Articles as well as on their websites.

Are those in charge at Bethel aware of this? Apparently so, since the names of Lloyd Barry (Governing Body), Ciro Aulicino (Writing Dept.), and Robert Johnson (Service Dept.) appear in the registry. Barry expired recently while giving a convention talk, but Aulicino and Johnson are still at Bethel.

Witnesses and ex-Witnesses are shocked over the matter, the news media discovers the hypocrisy. The stir causes the U.N. and the Watchtower Society to disassociate. Apparently, the “wild beast” wanted no part of the Watchtower! On March 4, 2004 Paul Hoeffel of the United Nations NGO dept. wrote a general letter showing how the Watchtower knew they were clearly obligated to share the ideals of the U.N. as well as promote its agenda! A copy of this letter is included.

Just Released 3/26/04! Updated Thus Saith book:

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 Thus Saith Jehovah's Witnesses: 120 Years of revealing documents from the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society - $19 
  Formerly entitled Thus Saith the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, now updated for March 2004. Covers all the latest "new light" from voting, blood transfusions, false prophecies and dates, disfellowshipping, pedophiles in the congregations, Silentlambs Manifesto, secret correspondence, and the latest scandal involving the United Nations! A must have for 2004 in talking organization with a Jehovah's Witness. Coil (spiral notebook style) binding for opening flat and longer durability. Thick clear cover and Maroon back cover for long life.  TS-19   see table of contents 
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