Quotes From the Watchtower On Psychiatry

 w63 1/15 p37-8:

"The second reason for our critical times is modern man's rejection of God's Word the Bible. Enemies such as Wellhausen and his prejudiced school of higher critics, Darwin and his evolutionists, Freud and his theories, Marx and his atheistic revolutionists-all these have played a

sinister role in destroying the guiding influence of the Bible for many; especially since so many of the clergy have adopted such worldly wisdom. . . . According to Freud, one of psychiatry's chief authorities, religion is a great illusion that man will get rid of someday. Psychiatry stresses, "Know thyself," as if an enlightened self-love is sufficient for successful living. More than ignoring God, analysts often contradict God by advising those with guilty consciences that fornication, adultery and sodomy are not wrong in themselves. The charge rightly has been made that such counsel tends to exterminate the conscience.""

 w63 3/1 p149:

"There is as much confusion and disagreement among psychologists and psychiatrists as there is among Christendom's religious sects. Far better is it to know nothing of such secular wisdom than to adulterate or slight God's Word because of it"

 w63 5/15 p319-20 (Questions from Readers):

"* Would it be necessary for a psychiatrist to change his profession before he would be eligible for baptism and recognition as one of Jehovah's witnesses?-R. W., United States.

No, it does not seem that this would be necessary. The fact that the Watch Tower publications have discouraged dedicated Christians consulting worldly psychiatrists except in extreme cases does not mean that a psychiatrist cannot and does not help those who consult him.

Whether a psychiatrist continued to practice his profession upon dedication or not would be entirely his decision to make. It is possible that he could be a far better psychiatrist by reason of his

now understanding and appreciating Bible principles, and especially because of his faith in Jehovah God and his dedication to do God's will. See "Scriptural Aspect of Psychosomatic Medicine," in The Watchtower, April 15, 1954, pages 232-236.

However, a dedicated Christian psychiatrist would need to be very careful not to unduly influence other Christians so that they would come to him for worldly wisdom instead of going to their overseers for heavenly wisdom. In fact, he would have to lean over backwards, as it were, so as not to imply that his psychiatry is a higher wisdom than that found in the Bible The Bible contains far better advice for making over our personalities than does either psychiatry or psychoanalysis. And only its wisdom leads to everlasting life.-1 Cor. 13:1-13; Gal. 5:19-23; Col. 3:1-25."

 w61 3/1 p134:

"The clergy all too often blur the clear truth of the Bible with philosophies of evolution, modern psychiatry and man-made doctrines that are contrary to God's Word and sound reason."

 w60 6/15 p355:

"Today there are countless contradictory schools of psychology, all striving to probe the human heart and lay bare its secrets. But none, nor all together, can compare with the Word of God in regard to this, for it was written by the One who made the human heart. What he thinks of the heart of fallen humankind his Word tells us: "The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it?" Not the psychologists, nor the psychiatrists, but "I, Jehovah, am searching the heart, examining the deepest emotions."-Jer. 17:9, 10, margin."

 w57 9/1 p515:

"It is strange that so obvious a deduction should elude so many persons. Blinded by the fallacious theory of their idol, Freud, the father of sychoanalysis, they think that all that is necessary to solve man's problems is knowledge per se; that, and getting rid of religion. Indicative of how wrong their idol was is the fact that never before has man had so much knowledge regarding sex and yet never has he been more in bondage to it than in our day."

 w56 3/1 p142:

"Many so-called "psychiatrists" claim to be able to read the mind of individuals, but only Jehovah God and Christ Jesus can thoroughly read the hearts of men."

 w56 11/1 p664:

"The theocratic servants neither claim nor attempt to lead their flocks in politics, social reform, psychiatry, gambling or pagan religious doctrines and practices."

 w52 1/15 p53:

"So we must shun the false guides of men and their false religions, babbling psychologists, wordy psychiatrists and polluted politicians, all of which have built up such tremendous reputations as colossal failures. Look at the messes they have made, know them by their rotten fruits, reject them for their fruits."

 w52 9/1 p516:

"Another clergyman present at the conference previously mentioned suggested getting a foothold "through psychiatry, or in some other manner". It is his privilege to turn to psychiatry just as it is ours to turn to Jehovah, "the fountain of life," and His Word. (Ps. 36:9)

More and more persons of good will are doing just that, leaving the clergy philosophers alone with their psychiatry, their neuroses, their uncertainty and instability which they profess to love. Better to leave while the way is open, for "blind guides is what they are. If, then, a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit".-Matt. 15:14, NW."

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