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Joel Kramer: When a person or ideology or group is what we call "feedback proof," meaning that no one or nothing external to the authority in the group can change things then it is authoritarian. We also define authoritarian as any person or ideology that assumes they know what's best for others. Under these definitions, many of the social structures of the world are authoritarian. The very nature of being unchallengeable and of wanting an authority to tell you what is right for you, or what to do, is a deep part of how the world works.

In a static world, where change is either slow or not valued at all, as it has been throughout much of human history, authoritarianism although it has caused human suffering has also been the fast way to get things done. However, we now live in a world of accelerated change. It is our thesis that in order to properly problem solve in a time of accelerated change it is essential to be sensistive and take into account the nature of the changes that are taking place around you. Authoritarianism by its nature and structure is a filtering device that keeps new information out because it is predicated on maintaining the power that has come through tradition. It is our point that as a species we no longer have the luxury to do that. So I would say authoritarianism itself as a mode of information transference is essentially unhealthy for these times.

People tend to think of cults as an information problem, a doctrinal problem. They are missing the point: cults are a family problem, since a cult is an artificial family that seeks to supercede your own and ultimately destroy it.

R. Watters, Feb 1998



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