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Downloadable MP3 Library of Historic Watchtower Moments

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7 minute audio tour of Beth-Sarim with Barbara Anderson NEW 7/08

Modern Era with Pedophile Issues and more
Kerry-Louderback Woods on Irish radio re: blood and JWs 4/28/08 (15 min., mp3 format, right-click to download, Save As)
GB Anthony Morris gave the final talk on Friday's 2007 "Follow the Christ" District ConventionDISCUSSION In the talk he gives reasons for the rank and file Witnesses to trust the "faithful and discreet slave" class of the Watchtower hierarchy. Boring, crass and written to an audience with the mentality of a child, this is a dying 20th century religion at its best!  37 minutes.

Franz Incident era (1965-1985)
Edward Dunlap, former Watchtower Gilead Instructor on the Franz Incident
John May (and Martin Merriman) from Ireland, on their visit to the U.S. to determine the fate of Raymond Franz
Cris and Norma Sanchez, former Bethel Spanish translators testimony of how they were treated at Watchtower headquarters in 1979
Randall Watters and Robert Sullivan, What Happened at the Watchtower Headquarters in the Spring of 1980?

Pre-1975 Era with Armageddon expectations running high
Are You Marked For Survival?  by Floyd Kite
Do You Appreciate It by Nathan Homer Knorr (1974?) 
Do You Appreciate It Part 2 by Nathan Homer Knorr (Side 2 of original cassette tape)
Earthquake! by Floyd Kite
Frederick W. Franz On 1975     
Franz On '75 Part 2 by Frederick Franz (Side 2 of tape) (Franz was vice-pres, at this time)
Stay Alive Till '75 by Circuit Overseer Charles Sunutko
Test For Jehovah's Witnesses by Circuit/District Overseer Floyd Kite