Critical Review of

Preparing For Child Custody Cases

by Randall Watters

This section of the Watchtower's booklet is the "Sample Resume" or sample presentation the Witness may use to illustrate what their children are taught. No additional comments are made on this section.

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Randall Watters




This book is designed for young children. (See blue block on publisher's page of Bible Story book.) This book would be the basis for any religious communication between the parent and the child, up to about age seven or eight.

The teachings are positive as will be shown by analysis. No serious-minded parent could object, regardless of particular religious association. The lessons are objective.

The lessons in this book are NOT doctrinal. They are lessons on loyalty, honesty, morality, human relationships, and self-discipline.

If, for example, the mother is a serious Catholic, there is no real conflict between what the father would communicate to the child and what the mother would teach.

Following is a list of chapters that might be referred to and the lesson in each:

INTRODUCTION: The book is a lesson in chronological Bible history.

CHAPTER 2: "A Beautiful Garden" - Used to introduce very young child to the animal kingdom and to teach basic lessons in biology. Note that all the animals in the picture are in pairs, and they have babies. Allows introduction of such basic subjects as reproduction.

CHAPTER 5: "A Hard Life Begins" - Child can be introduced to the value of respect and obedience to authority, whether parental or community, e.g. police and courts.


CHAPTER 19: "Jacob Has a Big Family" - Child is introduced to the concept that producing a family is an honor and a privilege. Emphasizes unselfishness exhibited in production of a large family. Families contribute to growth of community and nation.

Chapter 20: "Dinah Gets into Trouble" - Introduces child to the dangers of associating with immoral and dishonest persons. Teaches morality at an early age without specifics. Aversion to sexual abuse of women and discrimination.

Chapter 37: "A Tent for Worship" - l his chapter shows that child is taught respect for a house of worship and all the equipment and material used in the house of worship. Child is taught respect for altar and priests.

Chapter 44: "Rahab Hides the Spies" - Child learns that we do not refuse to help people or show kindness to people even though we do not approve of what they do. Rahab was a prostitute.

Chapter 51: "Ruth and Naomi" - No better lesson in family loyalty and teaching child value of respect for older persons and responsibility to help senior citizens.


CHAPTER 55: "A Little Boy Serves God" - Very young children can learn respect for religious service, respect for God, and for legitimate priesthood. (Use the picture.)

CHAPTER 63: "Wise King Solomon" - (Use the picture.) What an illustration of the value of judicial wisdom and family love. Builds respect for modern-day judiciary. T he mother would rather give up the child than have him injured In terms that a very young child can understand. Also shows that wisdom is better than materialism.

CHAPTER 71: "God Promises a Paradise" - This is what the child is being taught to look forward to. Is it bad? Gives hope and optimistic future in a world where many turn to suicide.

CHAPTER 75: "Four Boys in Babylon" - Teenagers do not have to give in to pressure from their peers. The old virtues and basics are worth standing up for.

CHAPTER 77: "They Would Not Bow Down" - (Sequel to chapter 75.) Children learn that there is a time in life to be firm for right principles.

CHAPTER 84: "An Angel Visits Mary"


CHAPTER 85: "Jesus Born in a Stable" - Child is taught respect for the circumstances of Jesus' birth. (Use the picture.) Child learns the real value of the birth and life of Jesus without influence from commercialism. Who can object?

CHAPTER 86: "Men Guided by a Star" - Same points. (Use the picture.)

CHAPTER 94: "He Loves Little Children" - Jesus used children to teach lessons of flexibility, humility, and respect. Children can understand this better than adults.

CHAPTER 95: "The Way Jesus Teaches" - Who can object to a child learning the story of the Good Samaritan? It is universally respected. We even have "Good Samaritan" hospitals in some locations. Child learns history and background of a very common expression as well as the lesson in human responsibility that is taught. Learns racial discrimination to be shunned.

CHAPTER 99: "In an Upstairs Room" - Jesus introduced the Last Supper. Respected by most religions, including Catholicism. Why shouldn't a child learn the history of its origin?

CHAPTER 110: "'I'imothy--Paul's New Helper" - The ministry is a respected and honorable profession.


CHAPTER 115: "A New Paradise on Earth" - (Use the picture.) This is what the child is taught to look forward to.



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