Some of Ken's most exciting moments & memories

My favorite sport, bass fishing all over the Southwest United States with Dick Story, Jack Graham, Stu Leimer, and many other friends.

  • Fishing 2 days on a float trip down the White River in Arkansas with Mickey  Mantle of the Yankees, Allie Reynolds, Yankees, and Dale Mitchell, Cleveland.

  • Dick Story and I arm-wrestling with Jack Dempsey (ex-world heavyweight champion) in his bar in New York.  Dick and I both lost!

  • Talking to and taking pictures of Dorothy Lamour (actress) while she was holding Sue in her arms.

  • While working for George Gaudin, owner of Gaudin Ford in Las Vegas, he gave Joy, Randy and I a two day trip on his 100 ft. yacht at Catalina.  I dove off a 30 ft. high deck to go swimming to shore with Julie Andrews, the actress.

  • Meeting Henry Ford II, owner of Ford Motor Co.  and Lee Iacocca (designer of Mustang) in Las Vegas, and having dinner with Lee that night. The first true genius I ever met! 

  • Dove hunting in Paso Robles area with Mac Davis, Glen Campbell and James Brolin. 
  • In 1993 Catching a 10.3 lb. Largemouth bass while fishing with Hike Apoian and Bob Fitzsimmons, on Canyon Lake.  Caught another 10 pounder a week later.  The first 10 pounders ever - luv it!