My Irish Heritage

Why did I fight so much?  I don't really know, except I wasn't afraid of anyone and I had an attitude of fairness, (like my dad) it wouldn't do, to pick on me, my friends, my family or anyone who was being treated unfairly, without me getting involved.  I disliked 'holier than thou  -  smarter than you'; people who seemed to think they were better, stronger and faster.  When we moved to Calif., and I started to work at Dunton Ford, some of the guys started calling me an 'Okie'. Big mistake!  The word got around after 4 or 5 times, that they would be better off not doing that.  I didn't like the in your face attitude of a lot of people in Calif., and after 40 years, I still don't.  I don't think I ever started a fight, but I did finish a lot of them.  Lost one (in the ring).  Some people kidded me (I think) about being a bully, even Joy called me that, but I did believe in right, not wrong, and anyone that bullied a friend in my presence, deserved what was going to happen.