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Doctrines were my teenage years. I sought power, control, and answers to everything, so as to make my life significant.

It worked, like the puberty rituals of manhood. I attained what a man desires to obtain within the system. At least, until I discovered that a man was more than his doctrine.

One thing I found: the desire for such primal powers reduces one's ability to appreciate the more delicate and beautiful side to life. (It's just that sometimes it is necessary to regroup into a primal, more simplistic  mode so as to survive the implosion of the mind.)

When one is comfortable with being strong again, it is time to move on and explore the deeper things in life.

Old fears must walk. New life must begin.

-R. Watters, Nov. 1997



Note: Free Minds, Inc. is not a religious organization, nor is it connected with one. The following responses assume that if you believe the Bible is the Word of God, and assuming you follow the historical, grammatical, interpretive method of understanding the Bible that would be used by most linguists or historians in academia (believers or not), the following represent a reasonable response to the Jehovah's Witnesses. They also represent the interpretive beliefs of their author, Randall Watters, who although not being an inerrantist or a fundamentalist, believes that contemporary Protestant orthodoxy best represents the teachings of the 66 books we call the Bible.

It is important to keep in mind that the first step in the birth of a religion is experience.  Those who experience the supernatural explain the experience in their own limited terms. The goal of the researcher is to discover, not just the person's interpretation of his experience, but to sample the experience itself. It is also common for the experience to be lost in the attempt to make sense of it.

NEW! Major Listing of Watchtower False Prophecies and Expectations, entitled: Spiritual Food At the Proper Time
Key & list of abbreviations used
part I  : 1776 - 1913
part II : 1914 - 1924
part III: 1925 - 1974
part IV : 1975 - 2000 and beyond

How Mormons deal with "apostate literature" (same as JWs) 

Current updates on the Blood Issue  

JW Position on Blood (chart) from the Univ. of Pennsylvania Health System

1914 and the change in "generation" (new light)
Abstaining from Blood  
Anglo-Israelism, Gentile Times, Great Pyramid doctrines, source of
Ante-Nicene Fathers, The Watchtower and the
Apostasy in the Bible
Articles by Carl Olof Jonsson about JWs and Chronology
Baptismal Questions Change in 1985

Baptism: New Light on What It Really Means

Birthdays, are they allowed to be celebrated now?
Birthdays, when were they banned? (1951)
Blood: Gene Smalley and the WT's Blood Transfusion Doctrine  

Blood: Related recent scholarly articles on, (PDF format) 
Optimal Care for Patients Who Are Jehovah's Witnesses
What Is Blood and What Is Not? Caring for the Jehovah's Witness Patient Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
Coagulopathy After Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Jehovah's Witness Patients: Management of Two Cases Using Fractionated Components and Factor VIIa
Coagulopathy After Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Jehovah's Witness Patients: Management of and for the Individual Rather than the Religious Institution

Blood and the Law of God
Blood and the Rh Factor
Blood Is a Religious Issue

Blood Fractions: New chart on what is acceptable (Dec. 2006)
Blood: Is It Really Forbidden by Jehovah's Witnesses?
Blood: JW Doctrine Hypocritical by Kerry Louderback
Blood: Revisions on the Blood Issue (1997)
Blood: Do Witnesses Have A Choice?
Blood Substitutes: Truth about Polyheme and Hemopure 
Blacks and the Watchtower
Body of Christ
Book Review: A History of Jehovah's Witnesses from a Black American Perspective
Born Again
Changing of 606 BCE to 607 BCE as start of Gentile Times, The
Churches: Are the Churches the Body of Christ?
Creation of Eve and the Interval Affecting 1975
Critique of "Transfusion-Free Medicine" video
Cross: Did Jesus Die on a Cross? and New Evidence for the Crucifixion
Cross: more exhaustive facts on historical evidence for the Crucifixion
Dates and the Watchtower

Destruction of Jerusalem and 607 BCE (charts, etc.) PDF format
Disfellowshipping II: Simon Says...
Disfellowshipping: A Harsher Line on disfellowshipped Witnesses for 2002
Disfellowshipping: a new policy 2002 by Bill Bowen
Divine Name: Is the Watchtower Interlinear hiding it?  (PDF file)
Divine Name in the New World Translation (450k PDF file!)
Do Jehovah's Witnesses Believe the Bible? 
Douglas Walsh Trial in Scotland 1954 (free download)

EDUCATION, WT ban on now Old Light 
"Gentile Times" - Is 607bce the correct date for the fall of Jerusalem?
God's Organization 

Great Crowd, Where is the?  
Heaven: Why All Christians Go To,
How to Respond to Jehovah's Witnesses at Your Door
How the "Remnant" Knows They are "Anointed"
How To Use the 2005 Watchtower Pub. 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?'  html 
How many treatises on Revelation has the Society published?
INSIGHT on the Scriptures: book review
Interpretation and Theology
Is It Proper to Worship Jesus?
Is Today's Increasing of Lawlessness Unprecedented? by Carl Olof Jonsson
Isaiah 9:6, Jehovah's Witnesses and (PDF format)  
Jason D. BeDuhn: Review of Truth in Translation   (2nd review)
Jehovah-the Name
Jehovahs Witnesses, Higher Education and Misrepresentation
Jehovah's Witnesses Like to Have it Both Ways 
Jesus Christ--Who Is He?
Jesus Christ: begotten or created?
Lying in Court and Religion: An Analysis of the Jehovah's Witness Theocratic Warfare Doctrine by Dr. Jerry Bergman (Word Doc)   html format

Millerite Adventism and Fred Franz
Nebuchadnezzar: What Did He Destroy?  (PDF format)
New Light on Civil Service in lieu of Military Service
New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures by Dr. S. E. Murrell, review of critical passages NEW
New World Translation, Is It a Better Bible?  (123k PDF file!)
New World Translation and Its Critics
New World Translation on Trial by Robert Bowman Jr.

New World Translation: Misleading Revisions In,
New World Translation: Reviews in other publications

New World Translation: What the Scholars Really Said 
New World Translation: Who were the translators?
Opening the Closed Mind: Witnessing to JWs

"Pay Attention to Daniel's Prophecy," review of book (Kings of North and South)
Prophet, Does the Watchtower Society claim to be? (documentation)
Resurrection, Body, Judgment
Rolf Furuli: Review of his book on chronology by C. O. Jonsson
Rules for Christian Living
Salvation in Jesus Christ
Sin and Salvation, Law and Freedom
Tetragram in Hebrew Versions, The 
Tetragram in the Christian Greek Scriptures 
Theocratic War Strategy 
Tobacco Bombshell, The    SEQUEL

Triune God of the Bible, The (PDF format) NEW
Triune God, the by Edmund J. Fortman (excerpts)  
20th Year of Artaxerxes and the "Seventy Weeks" of Daniel 
Voting, GB casts its ballot on "New Light" regarding,
War, Evil and Self-Defense

Was There A Secret Black Man On The Governing Body?
Where Else Can We Go? by David Reed
Who was Steven T. Byington? (Byington's Bible) 

Witnessing the Name [Jehovah] by Doug Mason 
Women, Watchtower view of (1967) 
'Year 2000' and '20th Century' Quotations from the WT CD-ROM

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