Armageddon Okies!

Armageddon Okies by Gary Busselman

When God decided to spiritualize the judgment upon the wicked at Armageddon, and to plague them with cults instead, he forgot to tell a few Jehovah's Witnesses in the backwoods of Oklahoma. They still take him literally! This is the story of those whom He is using to plague the wicked. As papa would say, "half of us are here to test the other half."


Ongoing Stories

 So what's yer story, Gary?

List of stories with direct links:
1. Runnin with the Dogs
2. A Good Day In Service
3. Dadburned Critters!
4. New Kingdom Hall
5. Diggin the Well
6. Chicken Pluckin and Kittenball
7. Don't Mess with the TRUTH
8. They Just Don't Seem to Grow Up Right
9. Gettin' Things In Shape
10. Your Inheritance

11. Hope We Don't Have Cars in the New System
12. High Creek Dirt Dam Busted
13. Half Way Hallie and Bear Creek Blues
14. Assembly #1
15. Assembly #2
16. Assembly #3
17. Assembly #4
18. Assembly #5
19. Assembly #6 (Orange Blossoms and the Monkey Moon)
20. Weasels and Girl Boats
21. Hi Times and the Brooder House Fox
22. Suzy Que and the Flyin' O
23. Leroy's Great Dream
24. The Patch and the Birdbath Baptism
25. Chuck 'n Farley n' Elderberry Wine
26. Leroy Is Anointed
Letter to Governing Body re: "Leroy"
New Things Returned
27. Why 1914? and the prune week
28. Tape Worms and the Pop-Corn Diet
29. Pay Attention and Sister Baad
30. The Pumpkin Caper and the Pagan Mouse
31. The Pagan Icon
32. Indoor Outhouses and Vindication
33. New Publication List

34. Gypsy Fires and Trustin Friends
35. Special Needs Meeting

36. Spooks
37. Pagan Pictures and the Walkman
38. Deemins In the Attic
39. Hoe Hoe the Garden
40. Are They Pure Christians?

41. Pork Rib Feed NEW 2/6/06

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