Organizational Graffiti

Annual District Conventions were always memorable as Jehovah's Witnesses. New, brightly-colored books would be "released" to eager "publishers" who couldn't wait to get their hands on the new light.

Often the titles of these books were suspiciously verbose. One of the greatest mysteries to me at Bethel was how they came up with their names for books...



Some of the books were very exciting and well-written...


One oddity was that the Witnesses, who claim all those outside their organization are misled by Satan, were more than willing to accept any accolades from the press or public sources. At times it was embarrassing. (Like bragging that Michael Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness.)


Of course, there was always the assembly "What we'd like to see" scenarios!


A "Governing Body" was created, reluctantly, in order to spread the workload as the organization grew in the 70's. But president Knorr and vice-president Franz made it plain that they preferred the old type of fascist state...


The members of the Governing Body met every Wednesday behind closed doors to invent policy and vote on doctrinal changes, termed "new light." At times, this new information would take an odd twist, in a direction one would not have thought (or desired!)


At times there would be one diehard member of the Governing Body who had one solution to all problems, like a broken record.


Having the authority of God himself meant that the Governing Body could solve potential crisis by attributing something demonic or pagan to it.


Clever articles would be written that hinted at a conclusion without really stating it, so you ended up blaming yourself for being such an idiot.


The only true religion?

God's one true organization?

Well, some of us knew better! :-)



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