Bethel Graffiti

In the morning, all Bethelites were supposed to gather at the dining room tables for the reading of the morning text and for breakfast. The sound men would turn on the speakers early, often unbeknownst to those who had the microphones in front of them!



LIVER was an all-time favorite.

George Gangas was a well-loved member of the Bethel family, who often amused the brothers with his exaggerated praise of some small aspect of Bethel life...

In the early to mid-70's, "new boys" (as new Bethel entrants were called) were not always well-liked at first, as there was always a steady stream of new guys who must have grew up in Podunk Pond or somewhere.

Brother Richard Wheelock ("Wheels") was not well-known for his wide range of emotions (though usually a pleasant sort of guy). (His right hand man was Ula Cantu, the first white bethel elder to get away with wearing a mustache.)

Not all of the overseers were considered intelligent...

...and as far as the dress codes, well, this is one of those "What you'd really like to see" things!

  This page dedicated to Mark Quackenbush,
author of these toons and former member of the Watchtower's Bethel family.

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