detectable traces of life in the
New Worl
d Society
of Jeh
ovah's Witnesses


Life is wonderful at Bethel...


our faithful pressroom overseers...


...and a spoof on a real lecture George Couch (Bethel home overseer) gave regarding what to do about the problem that occurs when chicken is served and there doesn't seem to be enough breasts compared to legs or thighs...


In 1979 president Fred Franz mocked the simple message of salvation by grace that the "apostates" were excited about...these are his words:


Efficiency was always of vital concern in the spiritual paradise. One could avoid wasting a "massive" amount of time by taking the following steps, as outlined in this real letter to factory overseers (the part below the line I couldn't resist adding with my typewriter):


Articles we expected to see in the months ahead, since the "Great Apostasy" was in bloom:


and finally, the "spiritual food" kitchen! (Writing Dept.)


These ClipArToons were contained (barely) in Cabeen's Secret Book, My Book of Bethel Stories, authored by Watt.

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