Ike's Ike's Kingdom Hall Nightmare

When Ike was eight years old he told Mommie Dark about a nightmare that woke him screaming and preyed on his mind for months afterward. Mommie was so amazed at the depth of symbolism in this dream that she recorded it in her journal, so the details, and the effect of the child's horror on her, would not fade with time.

He was at the Kingdom Hall, sitting alone in the front row, not knowing where Mom and brother were. The elders and pioneers were the only others present. They had all turned into huge brown pelicans! They swooped down on little Ike, sitting all alone in the late loser seats, and began flapping their wings and snapping their monstrous beaks at him.

"We ate your mom and your brother, and now we are going to eat you!" they said in hideous harsh voices, and he knew, in his dream, that when they were done he would be a horrible pelican, too. He was too scared to try to run; he shrank back into the seat as they closed in on him...

Mommie made note in her journal of her astonishment that a child's mind could so perfectly distill the concept of total eradication of individuality that is a hallmark of the Jehovah's Witness' culture.

Ike was too young and frightened to appreciate his own creativity; all he knew for sure was that pelicans were the scariest creatures he could imagine for over a year afterward. He flatly refused a trip to Galveston when he learned that pelicans might be found there; mere mention of the birds would make him shudder and grow pale. Mommie eventually got him to watch a documentary about the real, somewhat comical brown pelicans, and he began to lose some of his irrational fear.

He did not, however, lose his fear of local Jehovah's Witnesses, and as it turned out, he was right...

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