Samuel Herd: Black Rep for the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Smack me if I'm dreaming, but how did I NOT previously hear this lecture by Samuel Herd, member of the Governing body of Jehovah's Witnesses?  mp3 sample

Now I thought the remnants of this 19th-century carny style of J. F. Rutherford, F. W. Franz and Charles Sunutko, Floyd Kite and other select Jehovah's Witness official representatives had died out, going the way of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. Apparently not.

Brother Charles Sinutko is alive and living well (in a trailer park) at the following address which is posted in the Desert Hot Springs, CA telephone book:



(760) 329-8635


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Crimes Against Humanity

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES- Beneath The Tower of Fear


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Jeremiah Wright has more cojones

I was watching an interview with a black American recently about Barrack Obama. Interestlingly he said that black Americans find it hard to claim him as one of their own. He said that black people would much prefer to have someone who is from the stereotypical upbringing of a black American to be the presidential candidate. He went on that because he is mixed race and that his father was African rather than American, that he doesn't really represent black Americans.

I can see the guys line of argument but i wondered how black Americans felt about this, especially in light of Jesse Jacksons gaffe that he'd "like to cut his nuts off". I must admit i laughed hard at that one, i'm sure i could see a smurk on his face when he apologised.

But do black Americans feel that Obama represents them. I'm pretty sure that most are pleased to see this possibility of a black president, but on the other side is there a feeling of maybe resentment that he is not from the typical black family.


ExJWs&Friends: Governing Body member S Herd’s talk


Below are extracts from a 2005 talk by Samuel Herd of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses about running the race to eternal life.  He says people about to undergo Armageddon will finish off college professors, Jesus will be telling disfellowshipped JWs and irregular JW publishers it’s too late, and he calls new anointed persons the worst trouble-makers.  Herd’s talk is given in full as are some people’s comments about it at 


It is clear that he blindly believes every word told to him.  Imagine the harassment of newly converted JWs who have been partaking at the annual Memorial (Last Supper) observance in the kingdom halls.  Imagine the pressure elders are trying to put on DF’d and irregulars.   His own hateful views of higher education come through clearly and it’s not surprising the Circuit Overseers are now telling local elders to not go to a 4-year college, not let their kids who are still at home do so etc, or else be deleted.


HERD SAYS “Can you imagine the confusion of people who put all their stock and faith in the religious clergy and only to see them destroyed at the opening (?) of the great tribulation?  ...........


And they’re going to find the college professors.  “You told us that if we listened to you, we will have earth’s good things.  And now the stock market has crashed, money is of no value.  You told us that if we just get this education we’ll have good in life. And now we have no treasures stored up with God and we’re facing this great thing called Armageddon that Jehovah’s witnesses talked about all along.”  And they’re going to finish them off. ...............


Are you ready for that brothers?  Do you understand what that actually means?  Once that sign of the Son of man appears in the heavens, where Jesus sits down on his glorious throne, he will judge you and I at that point in history as to whether or not you are actually a sheep or a goat.  You and I will not be able to adjust or to modify or to rearrange the outcome of that judgment at that particular time.  You will not be able to say to Jesus, “Oh Jesus, wait a minute, I’m disfellowshipped.  Wait a minute, let me get reinstated.”  Oh no!  Oh no!  You see, all the evidence will have been brought into the court as to who you are and what you are as a person.  And once he sits down, you will not be able to change your record. Not one iota!


So can you say, “Well Jesus, you know, I was an irregular publisher.  Give me a little time, let me…”  No!  “I meant to turn my…”  No!  “I meant to…”  No!  “I..”  No!   Because everything at that point, once it hits, everything that you were from here back will be dragged into that courtroom and Jesus will judge it right then and right there, and you and I will not be able to alter that situation.  Not one iota!  It will be finished!  The judgment will be rendered, it will be cut and dry.  You will either be a sheep or a goat.  You will not be able to make any adjustment to the judgment.  Serious business!  Are you ready for that?................


Sometimes in traveling about, and I’m not making any judgments, but sometimes I see those who claim to be of the anointed not representing anything that I’ve seen of the anointed.  Sometimes they’re the biggest troublemakers in the congregation.  Sometimes I’ve seen that to be the case.  Sometimes they cause more fights, literally fighting I’ve actually seen that.  Difficulty and trouble that they cause within the congregation.  I went on a Bible study and this person wasn’t even baptized, and they were sitting there figuring out whether or not they were of the anointed.  Humph!  Trying to figure this out!  Well, when Jesus gathers his anointed ones, you know, it might prove to be a bigger test on you than you think.  If you and I have the habit of not listening now, when most of the anointed ones are gone off the earth and there’s nothing left hardly but those of the great crowd, will you listen then?  Will you say, “Well you know, you’re not of the spiritual anointed. They’ve all gone to heaven. Who are you to be telling me?  I didn’t turn my time in back then when they were here on the earth and I’m turning it in to you now.” 


You see brothers, that wrongheaded spirit, or that lack of cooperation can get you into serious trouble and can create an attitude problem for you.  Jesus said, “He that is faithful in that which is least is also faithful for that which is much.”  It’s all a part of our training................. 


NOW is the time to train and NOW is the time to get ready before the battle of Armageddon occurs, and only then, by such vigorous training will we prove ourselves winners and come across the finish line to our everlasting life and Jehovah God’s glory.” 

-- J. Mason Emerson