Profile of Samuel Herd
(New Governing Body Member)

(from Eden Outpost)

He's married, his wife being very supportive and warm toward him. He started out in a small Arkansas congregation as an elder. A few years ago he was District Overseer in the area we have blanketed with our underground newsletters and emailings which includes part of Kansas, Missouri, etc. He is highly intelligent, a powerful speaker with a deep voice who also physcially resembles Martin Luther King (seriously).

He is Afro-American, as most already know by now, of a dark mahogany skin color rather than ink black. He likes to test out people using the Theocratic Warfare word tricks common to most District Overseers. He comes across as friendly, although we are reliably informed that he is "harsh" in the judicial arena and post committe administering of discipline, i.e. the so-called tried and true manuevers whereby Jehovah (=Org) does not give an exemption.

His description of superstar Michael Jackson was that Michael was "a very confused young man." Samuel Herd's health is essentially good but he has complications such as diabetes or high blood pressure. He can be very very dynamic but can also be either introspective or possibly depressed at times, in other words may be subject to mood swings. Although a powerful speaker who will be heard on the Governing Body more and more in time, he is respectful (we'd say even "worshipful") of the other Governing Body members, Henschel in particular, with whom he has for a number of years had a one-to-one relationship. Our thought is that he will not be the only Afro-American to go on the board, but that another now serving at Bethel for many years will in due time also fill a seat there.

The relatively good physical and mental health of Herd and the other new appointees contrasts with that, for example, of Milton which is still declining although of course he enjoys free health from the donations of the membership who get no nursing homes or any other such benefits."

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