with Daniel Grissom

  Famous Jehovah's Witnesses

List of Famous Jehovah's Witnesses and Ex-JWs 

Profile of Samuel Herd, new Governing Body member

photocopy of 1898 booklet, "The Bible versus The Evolution Theory" re: Blacks

Favoritism and the "Jim Crow" Laws Among Jehovah's Witnesses

What the Watchtower Has Said About Blacks

Serena Williams Hold Court  (5/6/07)

Sports outscoring Watchtower experience  (7/9/05)

Terrence Dashon Howard
"Says actor Terrence Howard (Ray, Hustle & Flow), a Jehovah's Witness: "Anything that's dealing with the heart and the spirit is something that should be spoken about, because it lifts and encourages people." also

Michael Jackson goes to the Kingdom Hall with his mother

Transcript of VH1's Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood (2/05)

Jackson Jive
Scholars get Jacko-demic at Yale (plus ex-JW Jackson cult)

discussion here

Jermaine Jackson says Muslims are the "New Negroes of America." and travels with Firpo Carr to Bahrain 4/26/04

Naomi Campbell brought up as a Witness, her mom Valerie says (1/9/04)

Firpo Carr touted as Michael Jackson's spiritual advisor 1/3/04)

Michael Jackson's Contact with the Nation of Islam

Jermaine Jackson embraces Islam

Venus Williams speaks out on her life and religion

Michael Jackson tells of his door-to-door days (Dec. 2000)

Michael Jackson still claims to be a Witness and going door-to-door (Nov. 10-16, 2001 TV Guide)

Venus and Serena Williams

The Watchtower's Response to Michael Jackson

Movie Stars, Famous and Infamous People brought up under JWs: Damon Wayans and La Toya Jackson

The Christian Testimony of Daniel Grissom

Favoritism and the "Jim Crow" Laws Among Jehovah's Witnesses

A Survival Story on Education

How Race Affects Your Position In The Kingdom Hall

Out of Egypt (self-discovery/gay issues)

From Slavery and Religion to Freedom

JWs and the Theocratic Subversion of Ethnicity by Joel Elliott

Book Review: A History Of Jehovah's Witnesses: From A Black American Perspective by Firpo Carr

another review of the above book

Dr. Jerry Bergman's Response to Firpo Carr's book

Dr. Jerry Bergman's Response to Firpo Carr's book (updated)

Jehovah's Witnesses, Blacks and Discrimination by Dr. Jerry Bergman


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