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December 16, 2003





Dear friend,


            I recently found the website   after reading the online article in the New York Post  about the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society’s plans to build several tall buildings in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn.


            A note on my background: I am a former member of the Watchtower’s headquarters at 124 Columbia Heights, and lived there from 1974 to 1980, when I left peacefully due to a doctrinal cover-up by the members of their Governing Body. You can read about me at:  I also am the webmaster for several sites that keep an eye on the activity of the Watchtower organization around the world. These sites are listed at the bottom of this letter. Together they represent about 400 megabytes of files relating to the Watchtower, their history and their authoritarian practices. You can read the latest news regarding them (updated daily) at These websites are all part of a non-profit organization based in Manhattan Beach, Calif., where I reside. I am the CEO of Free Minds, Inc..


            The purpose of my writing is to call your attention to a few key points of interest:


  1. The Watchtower Society is shrinking their printing operations in Brooklyn, decreasing the number of “Bethelites” (members who work in the New York offices), and already have plenty of room to house their volunteer workers. When I was there I “earned” $14 per month while living in their communal-style compound. Needless to say, after six years of that income I was not prepared to go back into the world economy, but nevertheless I have dedicated myself to educating others about this authoritarian religion. I have many supporters, and network with a large number of others who have various degrees of inside connections at the Watchtower headquarters. We all can attest that their growth is bottoming out in educated countries with internet access, and large lawsuits are pending over the issue of their tolerance of child molestation within the organization (see It appears they are getting more into the real estate market to protect their riches in the days ahead. They are number 34 in the list of top 40 New York corporations.
  2. The Watchtower Society believes that all who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses in the upcoming “Battle of Armageddon” will be destroyed, because of not accepting their teachings and moral codes. Thus, they have little respect for outsiders or their personal interests. They have little concern if their buildings block the view of residents, or whether the community gets no tax monies from the property. Outsiders are known as the “goats” who will be destroyed by Jehovah. 
  3. I personally lived in the 107 Columbia Heights building on the top floor and had a corner view of the entire Manhattan skyline, as well as the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You can see the view from my room then at  I do very much appreciate what a view can mean to the residents of Brooklyn, and the proposed Watchtower buildings will prevent many from enjoying what DUMBO has to offer.
  4. Brooklyn has a lot to lose by not having retail stores by the subway entrance right next to the Watchtower property in DUMBO. I can’t imagine the amount of revenue lost to Brooklyn if they are allowed to go through with these tall buildings, as well as the loss of potential retail activity.


Please take the time to consider these and other arguments against allowing this to happen to DUMBO. Brooklyn has a bright and upcoming future compared to the condition it was in when I was there. Please don’t let progress be stymied by the Watchtower’s attempt to amass property holdings they do not need, and that will eventually be sold for their profit.




Randall Watters



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